Friday, February 29, 2008 Article on Technology and Polyamory

Author and sex tech blogger Regina Lynn writes a bi-weekly column, Sex Drive, which focuses on the intersection between technology and sex. Regina has put up a column today called Internet Pushes Polyamory to Its "Tipping Point."

No one to my recollection has addressed this specific subject before now. I very much appreciate the great job Regina did on this important aspect of the polyamory community's story. She interviewed several visible polyamory advocates who make many salient points.

Kudos to Regina and to!

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Chad Van Schoelandt said...

That was a very wonderful column, and I am glad that you were quoted in it. I find your blog very interesting and informative, and I hope that readers of the column check it out.

I know the internet has made my life much easier. I have been able to find poly groups in the area to learn about how they view things and structure their lives, and my own triad was formed thanks to okcupid. As a mere 23 year old, I find it hard to imagine how poly-folk survived in the past -- at least outside of sex clubs and renaissance faires.