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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

2008 Loving More Retreats

Spring is on the way, and with the return of warmer weather our thoughts turn to planning our travel and making sure we don't miss out on the outdoor events we've come to cherish. Don't forget to include the Loving More East and West Coast Retreats in your planning.

Remember to register early and save. Your doing so also helps Loving More plan and budget for the best ultimate experience for all.

Some big changes are in the works regarding the programming, particularly around more intensives where presenters work together to develop interactive programs that explore topics of interest to polyamorists more deeply. Stay tuned for more on that.

I will definitely be present at the East Coast Retreat September 5-7 north of Albany, NY at the wonderful Easton Mountain Retreat. I hope to also make it out to California for the West Coast Retreat at Brooktrails Lodge in Willits, California July 25-27.

It's a fine time to be a polyamorist! You can download the Loving More retreats flyer here. If you'd like to print it up and distribute it wherever poly people gather, please do so with our thanks.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Poly Jealousy Survey Participants Needed

Rachel Clark is a final year Applied Psychology student at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, and is conducting research concerning jealousy in polyamorous relationships. Her survey is limited to questions for people who use the primary/secondary relationship structure, I imagine for good reason, since polyamorous relationships take so many forms that the data would be difficult to quantify without such specifics.

If you are in a poly relationship and use the primary/secondary model, please take a few minutes and complete the survey - it's vitally important to learn more about jealousy in poly relationships, since this is understandably the highest hurdle to cross in making polyamory work for the average poly person. You can find the survey here.

This research is especially important to me as a poly educator who regularly presents programs on resolving jealousy in polyamorous relationships and who is making plans to write a book on the subject in 2008. If this subject interests you, feel free to download my handout and bibliography on it here.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Loving More Event November 3, 2007

Now that the LovingMore organization has become a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit, it is expanding its horizons and broadening its appeal. One way it is doing so is by hosting one day hotel-based seminars called "Loving More Loving Choices" that focus more exclusively on the practicalities of forming and conducting polyamorous relationships.

The next Loving More Loving Choices seminar takes place at the Clarion San Francisco Airport on Saturday, November 3, 2007. It's a great opportunity for those who:

* Can't spare an entire weekend to attend a retreat;

* Can't afford the price of attending an entire weekend retreat;

* Are mainstreamers who aren't interested in nudism, swinging, BDSM, tantra, etc.

* Are new to polyamory and find the idea of attending an entire weekend retreat overwhelming.

LovingMore intends to hold these one day seminars all over the country, so don't forget to check back with their website - they're planning to schedule at least one of them on the east coast in 2008.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sugasm #97

I'm in Sugasm #97 this week under Sex News & Reviews at
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I Love Dark Odyssey Summer Camp!

I'm a lucky polygirl. Two weekends in a row I've attended fabulous events designed with poly people in mind. You've perhaps read my last blog post about the LovingMore East Coast Retreat. This time I am happy to report on Fifth Annual Dark Odyssey Summer Camp.

Whereas the LovingMore conference's energy is very warm and loving, the energy at DO is much more raucous. Yet both conferences are quite radical in their own way. In the case of DO, wow! For a sex-positive person, DO continues to set the standard as the ideal setting for sexual self-expression and to indulge that fantasy you've always wanted to role play in a safe, welcoming, sensual and electrifying environment. If you're a kinky person, there's a huge dungeon. If you're into swinging and/or public sex, there's the Sex-O-Rama. On one night it was transformed into the "Garden of Carnal Delights" which included a brothel with play money to negotiate with, plus a peep show, where you could go behind the glass and see what it's like to be a sex worker in that line of work.

There were lessons on BJs and stripping from sexual dynamo Nina Hartley (who T and I had the pleasure of being cabinmates with - woohoo!) There were lots of classes on all kinds of kinks. As a basically vanilla poly person, I was certainly engaged - there was lots to do for polyfolk. Though a lot of attendees make play dates with friends old and new, it's perfectly fine to go there and never have sex, or do it only with your sweetie(s). What matters is that you only do that with which you are comfortable and only with other consenting adults, or just yourself. Some people come for the show, soak up that sexy energy and take it back home to energize their personal sex lives. And quite a show it is. (Don't even get me started on the f***ing machines show!)

Programs particularly appealing to polyfolk were:

The Art of Partnership: Creating Partnership within Relationship by Cuddle Party co-creator Marcia Baczynski

Designing your Poly Lifestyle by polycoaches Jon and Carin

Ethical Sluts: How to Do Polyamory Well and Thoroughly by Ethical Slut co-author Dossie Easton

Making Poly/Mono Relationships Work by Cuddle Party mavens ReID Mahalko and Marcia Baczynski

Making Your Move: a Flirting Class by Bear and Bobbie

The Tantric Erogenous Zones (Kama Marmas) by Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson

(To Be or Not to Be) Monogamous by Helen Boyd

Uneven Libidos: When Your Partner Isn't as Sexual as You by Helen Boyd

Urban Tantra: Tantric Connections for Couples by Barbara Carrellas

Bridging Romantic Differences also by Cuddle Party co-creator ReID Mahalko

Sandbox Explorations by Michelle Zee (a/k/a Abundant Michael)

So, polyfolk, don't be shy! Come to DO:Winter Fire - 2008 (a hotel convention in Washington, DC) March 21-24, 2008. Get the latest info on DO events by signing up for e-mail announcements - send an e-mail requesting same to