Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Poly Songs and Videos of Note

It's always fun to encounter the artistic results of creative poly minds. In addition to the kinky poly long-time favorite "Polly Wally" (see below), recently two newly released videos have captured our attention. Just in time for Christmas, some very clever Australians released The Twelve Poly Days of Christmas. (You can find the lyrics here.)

The second is All my Lovers by Black Tape for a Blue Girl (Lyrics follow below)

And of course, as referenced above and likely the best known Poly video of all, there's Polly Wally.

Hope you're all having a wonderful holiday season!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

12/15 IS THE DEADLINE: Nominate ITCR, NCSF and LovingMore for Charitable Giveaway

AdultFriendFinder and are giving away $200,000 by year end to worthy charities, and ITCR, the foundation of NCSF , and LovingMore need your nomination. TODAY IS THE DEADLINE!

You can create a free profile on AFF and, which will then allow you to post your comment in support of these, hard-working, volunteer-staffed organizations.

Mention NCSF's much-in-demand services to polyfolk who are facing child custody battles, and about ITCR's education outreach program to marriage and family therapists in order to improve availability of poly-friendly, swing-friendly and kink-friendly therapists.

While you're at it, mention LovingMore and its excellent work, especially it's highly successful media outreach efforts to help the world understand and accept polyamory as a valid alternative to monogamy.

Please tell them know that LovingMore, NCSF and ITCR are important to you! You can make a nomination or agree with an existing nomination.

Vote at Adultfriendfinder here.

Vote at here.

Thanks a bunch, and happy holidays!