Friday, March 8, 2013

Fits and Starts with lots of Pinterest

You may have noticed that I've not been putting up much new content here lately.  One reason is that there is so much going on in our growing larger poly community with more and more people covering it that what I think or focus on is less necessary.  Another is that my off-line life requires and will continue to require for a while more of my time and energy.  And then there is my Pinterest obsession, which at least includes a polyamory board.

So consider me to be on a semi- or mini-sabbatical.  I'm still here, still welcome comments to existing entries here, and I'm still giving workshops and posting to Facebook and Twitter.  I have elected in the past not to automatically cross-post Facebook status updates and/or Tweets here, but I'm thinking I may begin doing so in order to give followers one place to find out what I am focusing on these days.

I'm so happy to say that we have many wonderful newcomers to the world of polyamory advocacy and education.  And believe me, there is still plenty of need for this.  If nothing else I may need to start a "Dear Anita" column, so often do I receive pleas for advice from those who struggle with their relationship issues.  But their stories also tend to include highly sensitive information, and confidentiality is of paramount importance. 

Please take a moment to check out my blogroll in the right column here for some interesting newcomers with fresh perspectives, as well as links to veterans who are still making a huge contribution.  I welcome suggestions for additions, including your own link to your own content, and I also welcome a head-up if you find a dead link.

Interest in polyamory is still growing, and there is a lot of bad polyamory being practiced out there.  There is also a lot of bad advice in certain fora, so don't believe everything you read about what constitutes ethical non-monogamy.  If it sounds fishy, especially in a self-serving, non-egalitarian sort of way, it probably is, so be cautious as to who you get involved with and/or whose advice you decide to take.