Thursday, September 20, 2007

Polyamory Weekly Podcast Declared "Socially Destructive"

This review of CunningMinx's Polyamory Weekly Podcast was posted yesterday by Alexander Cornswalled, self-described as " ... a Midwestern Conservative Christian, writing and podcasting about religion, morals and the fight to halt the decay of American society and civilization." (Can't you just imagine the fun sex columnist Dan Savage and his followers would have with Alexander's last name??)

In this particular post, Cornswalled reviewed several podcasts found by parents on their childrens' computers who asked him to review them and determine whether they were appropriate listening material for their children.

Now, we all know that the beautiful and sometimes not-so-beautiful part of blogging is that anyone with a blog can put forth just about any opinion on the planet. Yet as a polyamory activist, I have to say that the following comments about the Polyamory Weekly Podcast encapsulate exactly why there is so much intolerance to fight on behalf of polyamorists. It is the culture war writ large.

Cornswalled says of Polyamory Weekly:

This is easily the most dangerous and socially destructive podcast I've ever heard. The program is about Polyamory, the practice of having multiple sexual partners, provided everyone consents and knows what's going on. It advocates just about every form of perversion you can imagine and the host frequently decries the fact that group marriages aren't legal in the United States.

The program is not the most sexually explicit, nor is it the most offensive. It's dangerous because the program seeks to normalize Homosexuality, Bisexuality, wife swapping, bondage and a host of other unChristian behaviors. They side AGAINST the Mormons who want to legalize underage brides, but if all those Mormon brides are 18 or older, they're all for it.

If your child is listening to Polyamory Weekly, then I recommend you respond as if you'd found deviant magazines in their possession. Do not react with anger, as that will only make matters worse, but respond with Christian love and understanding. Your child has been exposed to dangerous and radical ideas, and needs help with the confusion of ideas that such exposure can create.

That's all for now. I'll post another batch of Podcast Reviews once I have the chance to listen to some more.

Bear in mind that Mr. Cornswalled also advises parents to immediately remove the "Prairie Home Companion" from their children's computers because it mocks "traditional values and smalltown life."

You can read Minx's rousing rebuttal here.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

22 September is Polyday in the U.K.

Our poly cohorts in the U.K. are holding their third annual Polyday celebration on 22 September in London. So here's your chance to hang with UK polylads and polylasses. Maybe you'll meet a potential partner, and their partners (which could become your "metamour(s)") and get all "frubbly." It's a bit of an LDR (Long distance relationship) from the States, but I've heard of worse.

Saturday 22 September 2007, from 10:30am. Discussion sessions will run until 6:45pm, with a disco in the evening from 8pm to midnight.

Doggett's Coat and Badge, a large pub at the southern end of Blackfriars Bridge, London SE1 9UD. Nearest Tube: Blackfriars. (map and venue info)

How much
£10 for waged people and £5 for unwaged. There are no advance bookings; simply turn up and pay on the day.

See workshop and presenter details here.

Sugasm #97

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I Love Dark Odyssey Summer Camp!

I'm a lucky polygirl. Two weekends in a row I've attended fabulous events designed with poly people in mind. You've perhaps read my last blog post about the LovingMore East Coast Retreat. This time I am happy to report on Fifth Annual Dark Odyssey Summer Camp.

Whereas the LovingMore conference's energy is very warm and loving, the energy at DO is much more raucous. Yet both conferences are quite radical in their own way. In the case of DO, wow! For a sex-positive person, DO continues to set the standard as the ideal setting for sexual self-expression and to indulge that fantasy you've always wanted to role play in a safe, welcoming, sensual and electrifying environment. If you're a kinky person, there's a huge dungeon. If you're into swinging and/or public sex, there's the Sex-O-Rama. On one night it was transformed into the "Garden of Carnal Delights" which included a brothel with play money to negotiate with, plus a peep show, where you could go behind the glass and see what it's like to be a sex worker in that line of work.

There were lessons on BJs and stripping from sexual dynamo Nina Hartley (who T and I had the pleasure of being cabinmates with - woohoo!) There were lots of classes on all kinds of kinks. As a basically vanilla poly person, I was certainly engaged - there was lots to do for polyfolk. Though a lot of attendees make play dates with friends old and new, it's perfectly fine to go there and never have sex, or do it only with your sweetie(s). What matters is that you only do that with which you are comfortable and only with other consenting adults, or just yourself. Some people come for the show, soak up that sexy energy and take it back home to energize their personal sex lives. And quite a show it is. (Don't even get me started on the f***ing machines show!)

Programs particularly appealing to polyfolk were:

The Art of Partnership: Creating Partnership within Relationship by Cuddle Party co-creator Marcia Baczynski

Designing your Poly Lifestyle by polycoaches Jon and Carin

Ethical Sluts: How to Do Polyamory Well and Thoroughly by Ethical Slut co-author Dossie Easton

Making Poly/Mono Relationships Work by Cuddle Party mavens ReID Mahalko and Marcia Baczynski

Making Your Move: a Flirting Class by Bear and Bobbie

The Tantric Erogenous Zones (Kama Marmas) by Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson

(To Be or Not to Be) Monogamous by Helen Boyd

Uneven Libidos: When Your Partner Isn't as Sexual as You by Helen Boyd

Urban Tantra: Tantric Connections for Couples by Barbara Carrellas

Bridging Romantic Differences also by Cuddle Party co-creator ReID Mahalko

Sandbox Explorations by Michelle Zee (a/k/a Abundant Michael)

So, polyfolk, don't be shy! Come to DO:Winter Fire - 2008 (a hotel convention in Washington, DC) March 21-24, 2008. Get the latest info on DO events by signing up for e-mail announcements - send an e-mail requesting same to

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

LovingMore East Coast Conference was FABULOUS!

I'm just back from the LovingMore East Coast Conference, and this may well have been the best LovingMore East Coast Conference I've ever attended. The vibe was extra warm and loving. LovingMore managing director Robyn Trask and her staff, Elise and Chuey, did a fabulous job, and we who were presenters were treated extremely well.

LME was held at the lovely Easton Mountain retreat facility in upstate New York an hour north of Albany. The food was fabulous, including fresh vegetables grown in the garden out back. The Easton Mountain staff couldn't have been more friendly and accommodating - we love those guys - and the sleeping rooms were very clean and comfortable. Best of all, there is a wonderful, ecstatic spiritual feel to the place which I think must surely bring out the best in all who stay there.

The program was also excellent. Dawn Davidson and Aiken MacIain of Mandala Enterprises Relationship Coaching are not to be missed for poly relating skills. Also especially good is Michelle Zee (a.k.a. Abundant Michael). But then, all of the presenters do a great job.

The weather was warm, and though not everyone chose to take advantage of it, the clothing-optional option was one many did. I know this aspect of it isn't for everyone - if you are looking for a poly con in a more mainstream setting, I recommend staying tuned to the LovingMore conferences webpage, as LovingMore, with the blessing of the late George Marvil's spouse, Cat, is going to put on the PolyLiving Conference in February 2008. PolyLiving will be held in a hotel setting.

Also see my previous post on polyamory conferences. To my knowledge all of the camps are in public campgrounds, and some are child-friendly.

Polyamory Conferences and Events

I've been working lately on assembling an up-to-date list of poly resources. I thought I'd post here the current list of poly conferences and conferences that include poly programs and welcome polyfolk. (Please e-mail me at with any corrections or additions.) Note that the link for east coast polycamp seems to be down - this should be temporary. Same with Poly Big Fun in Texas. I imagine event organizers have taken their 2007 sites down since the 2007 events are already passed. Both have been taking place for quite a few years, and I know of no reason why they won't happen again in 2008.

Dark Odyssey
Brings together sexuality, spirituality, education, and play in a fun, supportive, non-judgmental, diverse environment

Free Spirit Sacred Sexuality Beltane
Weekend that falls on or is just prior to May 1 each year

Poly Camp East
First weekend in August
Seneca Rocks, WV

PolyCamp Ontario
Labor Day Weekend
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

PolyCamp Northwest
Second weekend in August
Bow, Washington

Loving More Conferences and Retreats
Dates vary
Location varies

Heartland Polyamory Conference
Labor Day weekend
French Lick, IN

Poly Big Fun
Second weekend in April
Bastrop, TX

Family Synergy Conference and Reunion
Second weekend in September
Los Angeles, CA

Florida Poly Retreat
Last weekend in March
Brooksville, FL

PolyLiving Polyamory Conference
First weekend in February
Philadelphia, PA

World Polyamory Association Conference
First weekend in October
Harbin Hot Springs, CA