Saturday, December 15, 2007

12/15 IS THE DEADLINE: Nominate ITCR, NCSF and LovingMore for Charitable Giveaway

AdultFriendFinder and are giving away $200,000 by year end to worthy charities, and ITCR, the foundation of NCSF , and LovingMore need your nomination. TODAY IS THE DEADLINE!

You can create a free profile on AFF and, which will then allow you to post your comment in support of these, hard-working, volunteer-staffed organizations.

Mention NCSF's much-in-demand services to polyfolk who are facing child custody battles, and about ITCR's education outreach program to marriage and family therapists in order to improve availability of poly-friendly, swing-friendly and kink-friendly therapists.

While you're at it, mention LovingMore and its excellent work, especially it's highly successful media outreach efforts to help the world understand and accept polyamory as a valid alternative to monogamy.

Please tell them know that LovingMore, NCSF and ITCR are important to you! You can make a nomination or agree with an existing nomination.

Vote at Adultfriendfinder here.

Vote at here.

Thanks a bunch, and happy holidays!

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