Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kudos to Advice Columnist Bianca Phillips

Today Memphis Flyer advice columnist Bianca Phillips answered a poly coming out question from a member of a polyamorous triad and did an excellent job. This is especially encouraging considering how advice columnists vary widely as to their knowledge about and treatment of the subject of polyamory. Some can be downright snarky and disapproving, but there are also those like Bianca who wear no blinders and treat polyamorous advice seekers respectfully and fairly. I especially appreciate that she congratulated the triad for their relationship lasting so long, nine years. 

Coming out to family and friends is a big deal to polyamorists.  In my experience, it can be very difficult to predict how others, even others who love us and we know to be generally open minded, will react.  I think Bianca's recommendations as to a good strategy for coming out to family are excellent.  See what you think


Marco said...

Coming out to one of my closest friends was definitely an awkward experience. Question after question after question, lol. But I'm glad I did. Though that was easy in comparison to the stuff we're going through now.

Inferno said...

Most often when I see stuff from mainstream advice columnist it is way off base when the subject is poly or any other alternative lifestyle.

So Kudos once more.