Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Poly Moment on The Daily Show

Thanks to my friend Nicholas for the tip about a happy poly moment on last night's The Daily Show.  This whole clip is pretty funny, at least it is if you enjoy the kind of editing that goes on where the questioner's questions aren't always what the interviewee was asked. 

The poly part comes in at about 3:10.  Joy and George Reagan and George's unnamed girlfriend, the people being interviewed by comedian Jason Jones, appear to be the real deal. They also apparently agreed to get partly unclothed and climb under the sheets for a little three way kissing after Jason sets up the scene by dimming the lights, putting on some shagging music, "accidentally" pulling extra large condoms out of his suit pocket while looking for a pen, and then standing over the three while waving around a rabbit sex toy and saying something along the lines of "now this is what a great marriage really is."  

Normally we activists cringe when we see a sex-play setup in a poly piece since it sensationalizes the sex while ignoring all the other important aspects of poly relationships. In this case it's all so, er, tongue-in-cheek (pun intended) that I think it works OK. The word polyamory isn't used, but it's clear what they are referring to when you consider the context of the earlier part of the clip where a fundamentalist minister is adamantly denigrating homosexuality and same-sex marriage as not legitimate marriage. Slippery slope parody, anyone?

Another positive is that when asked about the secret to marriage, Joy right up front uses the "c" word - communication.  

Enjoy! (And if you are reading this via Facebook, you can see the video here.)

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