Thursday, February 4, 2010

Countdown to Poly Living Conference

Just 15 days left until Poly Living 2010
Ft. Washington Holiday Inn
Ft. Washington, PA (Metro Philadelphia area)

Now is the time to register!

Check out a taste of the presentations coming to you!

KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Cuddle Party Co-Founder  Reid Mihalko on

What Happens When Polyamory Becomes Mainstream?

For the activists among us, progress for the poly movement has never been fast enough. For those who've been "poly for years," shows like Big Love and the occasional Oprah episode on open marriages -whether "poly" is used or not- reassure us that things are shifting. For the newly poly, posting "In an open relationship" on our Facebook profile reminds us that we are no longer the only stranger in a strange land. And for the monogamous person choosing into a poly relationship, today, more than ever, there are books, workshops and DVDs to help you get your black belt in relationships and increase your odds of survival... No matter where you are on the poly spectrum of experience, what we all have in common is that polyamory is not yet mainstream... Has anyone thought about what happens when it does?

Curtis Bergstrand, PhD
The Rise and Decline of Monogamy in America

Using data from a study of 1100 swingers, anecdotal evidence from the poly community, and accumulated research on the family in the U.S. over the past 40 years this presentation argues that the challenges facing our society in the future can only be met through the legal and social acceptance of non-monogamy in constructing relationships and building families.

Mim Chapman PhD
Poly Etiquette Within Poly diverse Forms of Poly Relationships

Poly etiquette isn’t about curving your pinky – it’s about way tougher things like how to bring in new loves, how to behave when you return from a date with "shiny new love object," how to share with a potential partner what you’re talking about when you say “I’m poly.” Just what do poly relationships LOOK like? And how does one figure out how to act within the wide variety of types of relationships that we call “poly?” Sure, poly relationships are all designer relationships, but some patterns and types of relationships seem to be emerging within the poly world....

Michael Rios and Sarah Taub
Intimate Exposure

A key skill for living a powerful life is the ability to “show up,” to communicate your truth to others. Using a format called ZEGG Forum (not related to Landmark Forum), the facilitators create a safe, loving container where participants may step in front of the group and share what is going on for them. Profound shifts in consciousness can occur as we reveal or witness what had been hidden.

Anita Wagner and Alan M.
Polyamory in Media's Spotlight

Over the last few years much has happened on the public stage that has the power to affect poly lives in ways both good and bad. More than 200 media events that focus on polyamory or are polyamory-related have been documented. Their sources range from prime-time TV plot lines to articles in campus newspapers. Come see a live demo including websites and video, ask questions and learn more.

Group Discounts

Discount of 10% when three people register together, use coupon code PL103. Recieve 15% when four or more register together, use coupon code PL104.

Student discount is available (requires current student ID). Call 970-667-5683 for details.

All these fantastic speakers, workshops, connections and many many more.

More information here
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