Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sally Kern: Economic Crisis can be Blamed on Obama's Immoral Policies

In March 2008 I posted here about Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern's hate speech against LGBTs. Well, friends, she's at it again, as Professor Jonathan Turley explains.

Also, Rush Limbaugh seriously believes that Obama's economic policies were the cause of Republican Gov. Mark Sanford’s affair with a beautiful Argentinian woman. Seriously.

Is it possible that the extremist leaders of the religious right and sore loser conservative commentators are really losing it? One can always dream.

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Summer said...

There are reasons I left Oklahoma - and our totally crazy politicians are one of them. Most days I was embarrassed to be an Oklahoman. Thank goodnes I'm not any more.

The religious right lost it a long long time ago. They have to depend on religion - the Blind Faith type of religion - to get anyone to seriously believe most of their B.S.