Saturday, July 18, 2009

News Article and Video on Wisconsin Polyamory Group

Check out this well done TV news piece (both article and 3 minute video) on polyamory that features the leaders of the Young Milwaukee Poly group. It is very fairly reported, something we activists work hard to help happen. It's not entirely in our control, but more and more the media treats the subject of polyamory legitimately without denigrating us or spinning the story to make us look like a bunch of flakes.

Kudos to Young Milwaukee Poly!

Next up, an article on polyamory in Newsweek which we hear will be out on July 27. Yours truly was interviewed on the role polyamory plays in the same sex marriage debate. For info and my thoughts on that question, see this post.


Sapphic Owl said...

The station did a very good job of presenting it in a neutral manner and letting the subject speak for itself-via the poly people who participated.

The one thing I noticed was that the therapist seemed a bit subjective on the matter.

JB Dryden said...


Thanks for the kind words. I, too, was very pleased with the piece. We truly appreciate the support from everyone who has shown it to us.

If anyone is in the Milwaukee area and needs some support, we're always happy to have new members and build the community.

Boone Dryden

救援部 said...
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