Monday, March 9, 2009

Seattle Times Features Terisa Greenan's Poly "Family"

Terisa Greenan's "Family" web series is all the rage around the polyamory community. I've already blogged about it and one of the actors' job discrimination problem here. Terisa not only writes and produces the series about a MMF triad living in Seattle, she lives in such a triad as well.

If you haven't seen this series, do check it out on YouTube - and if you want the uncensored version (and I DO mean uncensored, NSFW, shoo the kiddies away, etc.), check that out here with my personal recommendation of Episode 7 - hot! And kudos to actors Amber Rack and Eric Smiley for being willing to do what they did to make it that way.

The Seattle Times reports today on "Family" both via a news article as well as via the video below.

In the video Terisa references the second episode which centers around the triad attending a Seattle Poly Community potluck and discussion. If you've ever been to a local poly gathering, pretty much no matter where you live, you will recognize some of the attendees as eerily familiar. These folks really nail it. So enjoy! And congratulations to Terisa and company on their increasing notariety.

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