Friday, March 6, 2009

Fox TV Seeks Doomed Polyamorous Couple

This little gem just out - it looks to be a classic opportunity to be tarred and feathered for being so ill-advised as to give polyamory a try. This thing is in nobody's best interests, except perhaps for Fox's investors. Not worth a meager $500 - promise.

Casting Call Information
City: Any City
State: National
Posted on: 3/4/09
Closing on: 8/4/09
Company: FOX TV

Are you involved in a polyamorous relationship that you are no longer happy with? Do you want to divorce because your spouse wants to bring another person into the marriage? If you are please respond below. I am a Producer for a daytime TV show in Hollywood, CA. We are currently looking for couples who are unhappy with the life style they have chosen and want to end their relationship. If you or anyone you know is a great talker with a lot of energy, we want you to come on our show! After the show we sit you down for mediation so we can help guide you in the right direction for your next step. We provide: *Round trip tickets to Hollywood, CA *Transportation from airport to hotel *Transportation to Studio *Back to airport after taping *$70 each per diem for food *$500 appearance fee which will be received Saturday after taping ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SHOW UP! SO HOW READY ARE YOU TO YOU’RE YOUR SPOSE HOW YOU FEEL AND WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THEM. If you or someone you might know may be interested please apply now!


liminalD said...

That's sick


Anonymous said...

whats sick is the negative spin a show like this will put on poly. as if its not difficult enough.