Friday, April 11, 2008

Polyamory Perspective on Eldorado, TX FLDS Events

Today Voice of America is broadcasting a news story on the Eldorado, Texas FLDS compound raid in which I appear for one soundbite. This past Monday on a conference call some of we poly spokespeople discussed and acknowledged that there might be media interest in the polyamorous perspective on this story. It didn't take long. First thing Wednesday morning I had an e-mail from the reporter, Carolyn Presutti, asking for comments on how polyamorous families compare and contrast to FLDS polygamous families.

The only place to see this news story is on the VOA website at the link above. Some of you boomers may recall hearing about VOA broadcasting behind the iron curtin during the cold war. They're still getting the news out, these days on TV, the radio and via internet streaming video to 45 countries around the world where this story will be translated and broadcast.

Hopefully I got it right and managed to demonstrate how it is that polyamorous relationships and religion-based polygamous ones are equally viable if all involved are consenting adults. (My comments emphasizing that polyamorists tend to value egalitarianism were not included). VOA did include my statement that our community would certainly speak out against any child abuse of the same sort it might learn of in a polyamorous family. I'm satisfied that the right balance was found.

Many thanks to VOA's Carolyn Presutti for doing a great job. For an excellent discussion on the differences between polyamory and polygamy, see my friend Cherie's essay.

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