Monday, March 10, 2008

PolyFamilies Drinking Game

Noel, a/k/a The Polyamorous Misanthrope, who it turns out is wickedly creative, has devised a drinking game based on the crazy stuff that has happened on the huge, 1,500+ member yahoogroup she frequents called PolyFamilies. It easily applies to many various online polyamory communities since we see this stuff in lots of places. I've just never seen anyone make a drinking game out of it. If it were to catch on, there'd be an awful lot of drunk poly people.

I especially enjoyed these:

Take one drink for anyone who says they've been dating three weeks, live on opposite sides of the country and use spousal titles for each other;

Take two drinks if anyone posts looking for a nice female third who doesn’t mind helping with the kids and likes three-ways;

-and last but not least-

Take two drinks every time someone thinks that Stranger in a Strange Land would work outside of fiction.

Anyone who decides to try it out is invited to let me know what happens - send pictures! (And kudos, Noel - thanks for the laughs.)

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Goddess of Java said...

Thanks, Anita, but actually I don't own that. My ex-wife does. I just hang out there and lend a hand with what limited moderation (NONE) that it gets.