Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Harder they Come ...

If we needed another indication that sex-negativity is alive and well in America, we need look no further than today's news that New York governor Eliot Spitzer has announced his resignation following the revelation that he paid an exclusive escort service over $4,000 for a couple of hours with a sex worker on February 13 here in DC.

What a waste of talent. In the words of Reggae artist Jimmy Cliff, the harder they come the harder they fall, one and all.

Certainly what Spitzer did was wrong in that he cheated on his wife, but that could be nothing more than a private family matter if not for the fact that he broke a law he is sworn to uphold. (Clinton and Lewinsky, anyone?) He might have survived this had he not while New York Attorney General rubbed so many people the wrong way in his over-zealous enforcement of laws against corruption on Wall Street and laws against prostitution.

Everyone hates a hypocrit, and that hatred is ratched up and up and up when the hypocrit in question has used a position of power to persecute others who are no more guilty than s/he is. Spitzer's enforcement of prostitution laws went well beyond pursuing corruption against organized crime and included prosecuting sex workers and their clients.

Spitzer has certainly done liberals no favor here. As a democratic governor, he served this scandal up to the republicans on a silver platter. They immediately pounced on it and are using it as an opportuniting to exact retribution against democrats who have made hay out of sex scandals involving republican politicians.

This insanity needs to stop

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