Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oprah Seeks a Triad!

We've known for a long time that the Oprah Winfrey Show was going to feature true polyamory at some point, and it looks like they've finally decided to give it a go. Below is their call for interview subjects. If you decide to respond, please, please go to the Polyamory Media Association website for valuable resources in preparing for the interview. PMA is run by knowledgeable volunteers who will not tell you what to say but instead help you maximize the benefit of what you do say so it is more likely to be a pleasant, positive experience.

This is a very exciting development considering the size of Oprah's audience, and, therefore, the number of people who we have a chance to influence in a positive way.  So from a polyamory activism point, this could be huge! 


Are You in a 3 Person Relationship?

Are you CURRENTLY in a successful romantic relationship with two other people? Are you living in the same home, have children, go to work, but you come home to two partners?

Your triad (sometimes called a "thruple") could be:

1 man, 2 women

1 woman, 2 men

3 men or 3 women

The Oprah Show is looking for three people living under the same roof, in a romantic relationship, to come on national television and talk about how they work as a threesome.

We want to know: How did you all three meet? How long have you been together? How does it work? Like? Dislike? Is there jealousy? Do you sleep in the same bed? Does sex always have to include the three partners?

Please fill out the form on this web page  and an Oprah producer may be calling you.


Anonymous said...

I think more important than the size of Oprah's audience are their general attitudes and I'm going to guess that this is not a demographic that would be all warm and fuzzy about the idea of their hubby having 2 wives. I don't see them are being particularly open or accepting towards the concept of polyamory. I also have to wonder what the professionals they will likely have on the show will have to say.

Also their call for subjects just squicks me. Do folks *really* use the term "thruple"?

Anita Wagner said...

We are very used to having the deck stacked against us in that way. It's actually generally much better today than ever before. Oprah and her production team have treated other alt relationship guests well in the past, so our chances are pretty good for getting out a positive message. As to the professionals, yes, that's also a common concern, but we are way short on therapists to recommend who can put their careers on the line without scientific data to back up their statements. The wheels are in motion on that but we aren't there yet. And as to "truple," I've heard the term but don't know anyone who uses it. They're making a play on the word "couple," of course.

Rob said...

Anonymous said: "I'm going to guess that this is not a demographic that would be all warm and fuzzy about the idea of their hubby having 2 wives"

Maybe they'll be more "warm & fuzzy" to the idea of having two husbands? If they have a MFM triad included (or perhaps a MFMF quad), I think the audience would be less skeptical. (Not to mention all-male or all-female triads.)

I certainly hope they get a good variety of types, and not just a couple with a "unicorn".

Alan said...

> Do folks *really* use the term "thruple"?

I think this gets used in the gay community. Also "trouple."

teresanamita said...

Is the word "successful" really necessary? What does that mean, anyway? I never know...

Anita Wagner said...

teresanamita, in this instance I imagine "successful" = "happy and satisfying to all involved." They seek that and not a triad that's in turmoil.