Friday, July 23, 2010

My Videos on Poly/Mono Relationships and Resolving Jealousy on

Earlier this year I had the pleasure and privilege of making educational videos based on two of the workshops I give for the webside which is the brainchild of the lovely Princess Kali.  As of today all three segments of the poly/mono relationships program are now available for viewing, as well as the first segment of the jealousy program.  You can browse them from a link on my faculty page.  It costs about $10 per month to join the website and get access, but don't be shy about visiting, there's some great free content, too.  Still, considering how much even better information that joining up gives you access to, it's a real bargain. 

There are other teachers who speak about non-monogamous relationships as well, like Sarah Sloane, Dan and Dawn Williams, and M. Makael Newby.  And, of course, there is a huge, amazing amount of content from some of the best educators in kinky practices anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Great free content? a TEASER AD? Puh-lease

Anita Wagner said...

Well, anonymous, I guess that's your opinion. I was referring to the safer sex info, and if you don't consider that valuable, that's your call. I in no way intended it a a teaser. I get no compensation for your going to the website. My intention is to offer resources that help people.