Monday, March 1, 2010

Calling all Polyamorous Spokespeople, Activists, Community Leaders, and Out & Proud Polys!

Ever more news reports, articles, and television shows are highlighting poly families, and a surprisingly large number of them are showing us very favorably!

Ever wondered how those people got chosen when, perhaps, your family would have been perfect?

Ever been interviewed yourself and watched or read it later and thought, "Hey, that's not what I said/meant!"?

Ever seen Terisa Greenan or Jenny Block on television and wished you could sound and look that polished, that you could get your message across that clearly?

Introducing the Polyamory Media Association! We’re a volunteer project of the Polyamory Leadership Network, collaborating with Loving More. Our goal is to bridge the gulf between the media and the polyamorous community.

We offer media training to help you polish your own message and develop those skills necessary for navigating the waters of the media and entertainment industry.

We will not tell you what to say. You create your own message; we'll teach you how to say it. Our training is good for radio, television, and print interviews, for public speaking, for letter-writing, and for other proactive polyactivism.

Plus, we offer our free services as media screeners. We can help you vet reporters and shows so you can avoid problematic ones, negotiate with the rest on a more even basis, and make sure you're treated fairly. But the final decision is left up to you -- we will not filter or make decisions for you.

The Polyamory Media Association will also seek out the media to help them find you if you wish. By bringing together the polyamorous community and the media, we hope to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between the two parties -- when they share common goals.

So sign up today and take advantage of the training materials and experience collected by those trailblazing polyamorists before you! Shortly after you sign up (completely free, and all information will remain confidential), you'll be given access to the Members portion of the website with all the benefits we have to offer.

We look forward to seeing you at the Polyamory Media Association!

For more information contact Joreth InnKeeper, Director, PMA

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