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Poly/Mono Relating at Poly Living Feb. 27 through March 1 Philadelphia

Note to my readers: I will be presenting a new program at this year's Poly Living. We continue to see a steady influx of poly/mono couples who are trying to make their relationships work - I hope this will provide them some assistance.

Making Lemonade: The Poly/Mono Journey

Probably the greatest challenge in finding what works to resolve conflict in polyamorous relationships is working out the challenge that arises when one partner is polyamorous and the other is monogamous. How do people manage? Is it even possible to find mutual happiness under such circumstances?

The good news is that yes, it is. This workshop will explore the ways in which poly/mono relationships wither for some and thrive for others. It is based on the responses to a recent call for survey responses from both poly and mono partners in ongoing contemporary poly/mono relationshiips. Come hear their stories - you will find great benefit in hearing their insights and lessons learned.

Every effort will be made to present this workshop and conduct the discussion sensitively to the experiences of the monogamous partners as well as the polyamorous partners. A useful handout and time for discussion will be included.

So please stop by for this program and discussion - it promises to include lively discussion and debate. (Respectfully done, of course.)

Here are the Poly Living details:

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YES Poly Living is Back for yet another fantastic year and it will be here before you know it!!!

This February join polyamorists from all over the country for the fourth Poly Living conference in honor of Poly Living's Creator George Marvil*. Over a hundred open, intelligent and fun loving people will descend on the Fort Washington Hotel outside Philadelphia for three days. Our fun filled weekend will feature nationally and regionally known presenters, including a keynote presentation from Cunning Minx of Polyamory Weekly

Poly Living's workshops range from basic to advanced and from intellectual to experiential, covering topics both fun and serious like:

Creating Intimacy
Polyamory 101 & 201
Being single & poly
Rebuilding broken trust
Secondary's survival skills
Legal issues for Polys
Exploring other Relationship
Creative Flirting and more

Conference Info

Loving More Presents "Poly Living 2009"
February 27th - March 1st 2009, Philadelphia Metro Area, PA
Fort Washington Hotel Conference

Registration and more information available at here.

Saturday Evening Events

Join us for the Cuddle Party® AND an Literary Erotic Salon.

About Us:

Loving More® is a non-profit organization and magazine dedicated to information, education and support of polyamory and polyamorous relationships. We are working currently to get our 501c(3) status which is an IRS designation that will make donations tax deductible. We are a national organization and resource for people who wish to live outside traditional monogamy responsibly and with integrity. We call it polyamory or Loving More. Our goal is to support relationships based on love, commitment, growth, respect for diversity, honesty, and personal responsibility, to help distribute books relevant to polyamory, to host conferences and workshops, and to act as a national clearinghouse and public forum for the polyamorous movement.

Loving More® Magazine — since 1991 we have been the only magazine dedicated exclusively to topics involving Polyamory-multi-partner relating. We have issues both past and present that cover all different styles and logistics of polyamorous relating for the person new to or exploring polyamory for the first time to long term polyamorous person. There is information on families, parenting, sexuality, dealing with jealousy, finding compersion and much more.

The Washington Post Article "Pairs with Spares" says...

"When you watch people interact at Poly Living, it can seem that we humans have no idea what makes people happy inside relationships, or what arrangements people need to navigate the world."

Attendees have said:

" It was amazing, I fell in love with a new partner."

"I was very happy with the wonderful workshops."

"I liked that there was a lot more focus on RELATIONSHIPS and relating and less focus on sex..."

" Your conference changed my life!"

“It was a stupendous gathering and I got more then I expected”

Contact us to sign up for our workshops, retreats, magazine, information or to donate:

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