Sunday, January 25, 2009

Walmart caught selling penis shaped straws to kids.

Oh for pete's sake! I'm one of those people whose reaction to such as this video goes from amusement to outright disgust at the paranoia some people, especially some parents, bring to anything that remotely suggests human sexuality in the context of a child's world. Interestingly, Walmart is usually the source of such extreme reactions (they sell no CDs that include parental warnings), but in this case Walmart is the alleged guilty party.

The video clearly shows that the other straws in the package are made in random shapes. Were the other straw shapes made in some clearly identifiable shape, she might have a point, though I think the interviewer correctly observes that the straws in question could be space shuttles or some such. And if I were the person responsible for designing penis-shaped drinking straws, I think I could do a better and more realistic job.

Next thing we'll be hearing is that using these heinous penis-shaped drinking straws is responsible for a kid being gay, or a slut, or both, later in life.

Lady, get a life.


Anonymous said...

I have a 3 year old. If I handed that straw to my 3 year old, he wouldn't even think about what shape it's in. And if I saw that it resembled a PENIS (*gasp*), I'd pull my hubby aside, point it out and have a good giggle about it. I think that's what the normal reaction should be, not taking it to the news,for crying out loud! There's thousands of other more news worthy things going on in this world. Sheesh. People & their hangups.

Sanity said...

I have a 6 year old, and I guarantee....they only VAGUELY resemble a penis. I could see it if the rest of the straws had a clearly identifiable shape, but they are ALL bent randomly. Besides, like the previous commenter, my daughter wouldn't even notice, and really if I did notice such a thing, my dh and I would have a good laugh and that would be that. geez.

Liz said...

Oh man! My husband bought a package of the same kind of straws just a couple of days ago for our son, but they don't have those shapes in them. And such a shame! I don't know if I'd give them to the kid or not, certainly not out of fear for his morality, but more for the novelty of them. I wouldn't want them to get broken or dirty, I'd laugh about those and use them for my own alcoholic drinks. Haha!

More people are unafraid of sexuality these days than they used to be, but it makes those who are still frightened by such things all the more obvious.