Friday, December 26, 2008

The Afghan Polygamist Husband, the CIA and the Little Blue Pill

There's an interesting (and bemusing) story in the Washington Post this morning about an Afghan Muslim polygamist, age 60, who was having trouble keeping his four younger wives satisfied. What's a guy living in a primitive culture to do? (Well, we all know there are many ways to please a woman, but these are very traditional folks we're talking about here.)

Along came the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. It needed information on the Taliban. It's inducement turned out to be an answer to a good Muslim husband (and his wives') prayer, however brief.

I'm very happy for the wives. God knows they deserve all the happiness and pleasure they can manage to have. But I'm also disgusted that this primitive poly family's sex life has been improved but only very briefly by a war machine. Still, we all know that women are routinely abused and oppressed in probably the most patriarchal society still in existence, with the Taliban to blame for setting that standard. So, it seems to me that all we can do is hope that this practice serves the interests of gender equality and that it brings Afghan polygamous families peace and happiness. Nothing makes the day look brighter like a good roll in the sack and the intimately expressed love between beloveds. What the CIA really should do is work with Pfizer to figure out how to make Viagra more available to these families - four little blue pills can't be nearly enough. That and maybe a good urologist.

For more data on the plight of women in Afghanistan today, visit the Unifem Afghanistan website fact sheet.

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