Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Katy Perry is Going to Hell

Pop singer Katy Perry is in big trouble with The Rev. Dave Allison and his 100 member Havens Corners Church in Columbus, Ohio. Apparently Rev. Allison decided to emphasize what he considers to be the Bible's unambiguous stance on homosexuality with the most visible method at hand, i.e. the church's sign, by playing off the lyrics of Perry's hit pop song.

Poor Katy - and her future was looking so doggone bright, what with her ginormous hit "I Kissed and Girl and I Liked it" song topping the charts all over the world. I've had it on my Chocolate for months. I mean, it's got such a great beat and is so easy to dance to! (... she says as she channels Dick Clark - no, wait, Dick's not quite dead yet.)

You can read the Columbus Dispatch's report here.

Lord Jesus, thank you for giving me such a fabulous opportunity to use the the graphic below once again.


primadiana said...

I love that song!! I have to on my cell phone for when my girlfriend calls or texts me..

Anita Wagner said...

As a bi girl and a regular in bi girl community in DC, I hear ya. And what a clever ringtone to have - I want it now, too, though I don't have a steady gf at present.

Digital Media said...

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