Thursday, May 17, 2007

Poll: 51% Lead/Would Try Poly/Swing Life

Ask Dan and Jennifer is a "Dating, Relationships, Love, and Great Sex" advice website where a poll was recently conducted with very interesting results. With more than 3,000 readers responding (and the poll still open), the question is "Would you ever consider swinging or polyamory?"

Now these folks have a very mainstream following, and no explanation or differentiation was made as to how swinging and polyamory differ, nor was there a question as to whether a responder was currently in a poly relationship, though there was such a question about swinging. The poll responses are made in that context, i.e. the respondents either do or don't know the difference. Of course, this isn't a scientifically conducted poll.

It seems that the intensity of the on-line comments on the subject is as remarkable as the results of the poll itself. I'll leave it to you to check out the comments and leave your own - here are the poll results as of March 1, 2007:

35% said that they would be willing to try swinging with the right group of people

20% said that monogamy is the only way to go

16% were strongly against it

16% are active in the swinger lifestyle and lovin’ it

13% said it’s not for them, but they don’t have a problem if someone else does it

51% of the people polled were either active in swinging or polyamory or willing to try it while only 36% were stongly against it or said that monogamy is the only way to go. The remaining 13% said that it’s not for them, but they don’t have a problem if someone else does it.

Apparently Dan and Jennifer were shocked by the results: "Wow - don’t know about you, but we expected the numbers to be a little different . It’s a close call but it looks like Swinging and Polyamory are in!"

Doesn't seem like such a close call to me. (Smile)

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