Friday, April 17, 2009

Jonas Brothers Fans "Celibate and Polyamorous at the Same Time?"

In a recent Orlando times article a journalist tries to identify teen idol stereotypical roles for each Jonas Brother and says,

"Best not to examine these Disney sensations too closely. We're not sure how they got an entire generation of pre-teen girls to embrace celibacy and polyamory at the same time, but we're as impressed as we are confused."

Another step forward for polyamory (said mostly tongue in cheek). Celibacy is a good thing for pre-teens - it's feeling romantic love for more than one that the writer thinks makes it poly in this case. I've never thought of the teen heartthrob phenomenon as poly. Still, it' not really a new thing - I and many other babyboomers loved John, Paul, George AND Ringo.

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w.m.c.m. said...

It's interesting to view boy-band-type crushes as an expression of polyamory. Does this mean that anyone who has ever had a crush on more than one person at a time has some polyamorous tendencies?