Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Poly activist Birgitte Philippides on WE TV's "The Secret Lives of Women"

New York City polyamory activist and Poly Pride organizer Birgitte Philippides was one of the women featured in the most recent episode of the WE (Women's Entertainment) cable network program "The Secret Lives of Women" which aired last night. See video clip below (sorry that it begins with a @#%*! commercial!) Birgitte is such an eloquent spokesperson for polyamory. In this program she speaks from the heart about what her poly life and her poly partners mean to her and why for her a poly life is a fulfilling life.

I especially enjoyed the honesty with which she and WE addressed the subject. Her life is examined from several angles. Birgitte's mother, to whom Birgitte is clearly close but who strongly disapproves of Birgitte's poly life, tells her part of the story. We also see Birgitte and some of her poly partners together, both male and female, as well as her art which serves to express her emotions about her life and relationships. It was also fun to see some other people I know in the video, i.e. Cuddleparty founders Reid Mahalko and Marcia Baczynski.

WE turns out to be an excellent venue for exploring polyamory in women's lives. It describes itself as "the content destination where strong, confident women connect to fun, entertaining programming focused on pop culture, personal style and relationships." What more could we ask?

Strong women have been leading the way in speaking about their poly lives to the media and online for quite a few years now, and Birgitte's appearance on this program is the latest example. Kudos to Birgitte and the WE network!

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Jezebel VonTizzle said...

i heart "the secret lives of women" i dont have cable right now, but when i did, i watched it as much as i could. and this is one more reason to love it---im beginning to think perhaps i may be polyamourous ;)