Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Polyfolk Love OKCupid

For quite some time now, the matchmaker website of choice for polyamorists has been OKCupid. People seem to really enjoy spending time there, completing a few more of the hundreds, maybe thousands of questions you can answer that will more closely define who you are and communicate it to those who check you out.

There are many polyamorists who report that they've had their subscriptions at eHarmony.com and match.com declined and their money refunded because those sites didn't want to offend their monogamous clientele.

A big "ATTA BOY!" to OKCupid owner Sam Yagan for creating such a poly-friendly site. To learn more about OKCupid and the creative manner in which it appeals to a more alternative demographic, see Bonnie Ruberg's column in the Village Voice "Does OKCupid Shoot Digital Arrows?".


Anonymous said...

I sure hope the news that match.com bought them doesn't make them less poly friendly.

(A link to this blogpost was included when a polyfolk mailing list person posted the news article.)

Article is:


missk-lj on okcupid

Anita Wagner said...

That is indeed big news. And I agree, Match.com has been less than hospitable to polyamory in the past.

Anonymous said...

I was in an open relationship and met my husband on Okcupid - I go to sign up now and either I am "single" or "in a relationship and only looking for friends" after just a day of being bought by match.com? please...

Anita Wagner said...

Well hells bells, that really does suck, but I guess it's not a surprise. Sigh. Too bad the owners of OKC didn't negotiate accommodation of nonmonogamists, we've certainly improved their bottom line enough over the years, enough to help make them saleable to big daddy Match.

Anonymous said...

Actually, if you pick seeing someone or married and you've also selected looking for dates or sex it will have you show up as available