Thursday, September 17, 2009

Primetime Polyamory on NBC's Parks and Recreation

And so the mainstreaming of polyamory continues.   According to a review in today's LA Times, last night's season premiere of Saturday Night Live alum Amy Poehler's NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation includes the revelation of a character in a poly family.  The reviewer says:

Intern April (Aubrey Plaza) ... introduces Leslie (Amy Poehler) to her boyfriend, who also has a boyfriend, perhaps the first functioning polyamory on network prime time.

The only issue I have so far is that when April introduces Leslie to Derek and Ben and explains their relationship, Leslie says she hates Ben.  It's probably the script writers' attempt to be funny but certainly no joke to those who know what works for poly relationships and what doesn't, and in this case the latter would be outright hatred for a partner's partner.

Here's the clip with the oh-so-fitting name "It's not that complicated!"  Keep watching to see this threesome at the gay bar Bulge where they honor Poehler's character, Leslie, for something that's made her the gay community's reluctant hero. 

So stay tuned, boys and girls!  And the full episode will probably become available on the show's website at some point.


Citi Kittie said...

My two partners and I almost fell over laughing when we saw this. We had not heard anything about it so it came as quite a shock to see a poly relationship on a prime-time sitcom.


I hope they explore it more. Thanks for posting the clip.

Citi Kittie said...
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Maureen Fonken said...

I found your blog through another, having blogged in other communities in the past and only recently opening this one. I really like it so far and look forward to following you in the future. Please keep tracking the way art is influencing culture on this issue. I believe it is a marvelous way to alter public perceptions on poly relationships.

Anita Wagner said...

Thanks Maureen. I'll do my best. Cunning Minx in her keynote at the Poly Living con in February of this year spoke to the importance of continuing to establish poly culture as a means of spreading awareness and gaining tolerance. See my blog post at